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    Accredited for its Regular MBA Program of IBS Hyderabad by AACSB

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    # 27 on Overall basis, All Over India for its MBA Program, NIRF Ranking 2021

    Member, The Association of Common wealth Universities (ACU)

    ICFAI Online MBA Program

    ICFAI’s Online MBA Program brings together the ICFAI’s legacy of over 30 years of academic excellence in management education, two decades of vast experience in Open and Distance Learning, Flexible Distance Learning and eLearning for Management programs and contemporary technological tools that aim to equip the students with skills for the 21st century workplace.

    Managers and future managers who, in addition to their existing skills want to acquire business management skills, leadership skills and excel in their careers in a dynamic business environment will benefit from the program.

    Program Structure

    The ICFAI Online MBA Program consists 22 courses with 15 core courses, 6 elective options from four streams, apart from a practicum/project.

    Core Courses




    Core courses cover foundational, common functional and capstone areas that all potential managers need to appreciate. They provide the tools and frameworks for analyzing and defining the challenges from specific and integrative perspectives.

    The elective options are provided for deeper learning in one or more streams namely Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and IT and Operations. They provide a deeper understanding of functional issues and possibilities useful in building better solutions.

    In a world where change is the only constant, innovation is a critical business response to this change. Moreover, government and funding agency support is more than ever. In this context, the Entrepreneurship Practicum provides an opportunity to the student to leapfrog into the burgeoning world of startups/ ventures. It allows the student to examine a real world problem and come up with an innovative solution for it.

    Nobody changes as fast as the customer. Innovation is a must do for all businesses today as a response to better solutions to changing customer needs. The Business Research Project is aimed at support the growing need in the corporate world to use business research as a vital tool in decision making. It allows the student to appreciate the research process and apply it for their chosen problem.

    Semester I

    Subject Credits
    Management and Organization Behavior 5
    Quantitative Methods 5
    Foundations of Accounting and Finance 5
    Business Environment 5
    IT for Managers 5

    Semester II

    Subject Credits
    Economics for Business 5
    Operations Management 5
    Human Resource Management 5
    Marketing Management 5
    Business Communication 5

    Semester III

    Subject Credits
    Business Policy and Strategy 4
    International Business 4
    Leadership and Change Management 4
    Elective I 4
    Elective II 4
    Elective III 4

    Semester III - Elective Options


    The following elective options are being planned for Semester III:

    1. Financial Management (compulsory elective for those opting for Finance electives)
    2. Global Financial Markets
    3. Strategic Finance and Corporate Restructuring
    4. Services Marketing
    5. Strategic Marketing Management
    6. Sales and Distribution Management
    7. Recruitment, Training and Development
    8. Performance Management and Reward Systems
    9. SMACS Technologies for Business
    10. Services Operations Management

    Learners can opt for 3 electives from the available options

    Semester IV

    Subject Credits
    Management Control Systems 4
    Business Ethics and Corporate Governance 4
    Elective IV 4
    Elective V 4
    Elective VI 4
    Entrepreneurship Practicum OR Business Research Project 4

    Semester IV - Elective Options


    The following elective options are being planned for Semester IV:

    1. Financial Services
    2. International Finance
    3. International Marketing
    4. Retail Management
    5. Integrated Marketing Communications
    6. Strategic Human Resource Management
    7. Organization Development
    8. Human Resource Planning and Audit
    9. Big Data, Cloud and Analytics
    10. Supply Chain Management

    Learners can opt for 3 electives from the available options in Semester IV

    The list of electives being offered is subject to change based on University regulations.

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Duration: 2 Years

    Validity: 4 Years

    Total Program Fee 200,000/-

    About Our University

    We are one of the largest, most diverse universities in the USA with over 90,000 students in USA, and a further 30,000 studying across 180 countries for Kingster University.

    Kingster University was established by John Smith in 1920 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, Kingster has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a world leader in higher education, the University has pioneered change in the sector.

    Concept in Context
    P2P Exercises


    Content is presented as nuggets in multiple formats which takes 2 to 15 minutes of time. The multiple formats in audio visuals include case videos, animated concept videos, faculty live videos, perspective videos, visually enriched text and audios.


    1. To increase eyeballs for content, leading to attention and motivation for learning.
    2. Enhances immersion and ease of learning.

    Concept in Context

    The multi-format content is dominated by a carefully designed Concept in Context approach. Management is an applied discipline where context is ever prevalent. Hence academic concepts and frameworks are presented within real life ‘contexts’.


    1. Enhanceds retention and recollection.
    2. Increases learning and employability


    Gamification elements such as scores, trackers, challenge levels, badges and grades motivate the learner to focus on self-progress in a group setting.


    1. Triggers the peer group competitive spirit.
    2. Enhances the participation and engagement of the learner in the learning experience

    P2P Exercises

    Practice- Precept- Practice cycle of learning and employability.

    • Well planned Engagement exercises, based on real life situations to relate, reflect and recreate employability. Qualitative and quantitative exercises help build competency to identify, assess and apply principles to practical situations and frame principles for future practice.
    • These exercises are built at Foundation, Problem identification and Application levels.
    • About 2 – 2.5 hrs of P2P exercises every week develops new neural pathways of learning and competency for employability.

    Key Highlights

    Inimitable Heritage of Excellence & Innovation


    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Orientation

    Application Emphasis

    Employability as an outcome of learning

    Learner Centered Design

    Cafeteria Approach to Electives

    Multi format Content


    Kingster University was established by John Smith in 1920 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally.

    Graduated & Professional

    Kingster University was established by John Smith in 1920 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally.

    Scholarships & Financial AID

    Kingster University was established by John Smith in 1920 for the public benefit and it is recognized globally.